Aeration Season is Coming!

Aeration Season is Coming!

Can you believe that fall is just around the corner? Before you start digging out the Halloween decor, you’re going to want to schedule that Aeration service!

By taking a lawn aerator through your yard, the Wasson Nursery Lawn Care team is able to pull out small plugs from your yard via the tines in the aerator. This reduces the compaction of soil and allows oxygen and nutrients to penetrate to the roots of your grass.

Why aerate?

Indiana is home to hard clay soil, and over time this soil gets more and more compacted. By opening a gateway to the roots of your grass, you are breaking up this compaction and allowing your lawn to take in oxygen and necessary nutrients.

Over time, you may start to notice moss plants growing in your yard. While it might seem to make sense to attack the moss plant with herbicide, there’s chance that your soil compaction is preventing proper drainage, allowing these guys to thrive. An aeration application may be just what the doctor ordered!

Ready to aerate?

You’re in luck! Early fall is the best time to aerate! This gives the grass time to heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed so that your lawn is looking it’s best come spring.

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Tick-Borne Diseases on the Rise, Let us Help You Protect Your Lawn.

Ticks. You know them. They’re those annoying bugs that latch onto your skin and just plain suck. But this summer, researchers think that these little insects could prove to be much more than just an inconvenient annoyance that follow the warmer months. The headline-grabbing Powassan Virus, a deadly tick-borne disease, is not new threat. And although there have only been 75 reported cases in the United States over the past decade, experts expect that number to rise this summer. Warmer winters have caused tick population increase, and researchers are predicting a correlating climb in tick-borne infections. These tick-borne diseases include the Powassan Virus among many others.

Prevention is important, and we can help!

Wasson Nursery is here to help you fend off the bugs and keep your yard, family and fur babies safe this summer. Our lawn care specialists apply special insecticide treatment to your lawn to gets rid of pests. Reduce the number of the fleas, ticks or chiggers and enjoy your outdoors without fear! We’ll treat your outdoor space with three separate applications throughout the year to keep your lawn protected!

Worried about the other pests?

We also have a treatment to help you ward off mosquitoes and one for perimeter pests like ants and spiders! We guarantee a reduction in insects on your property & offer free service calls between application if needed! Don’t let insects ruin your summer plans or keep you from reveling in the great outdoors. Prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases and let us help you nip buzz in the bud with a little help from our experts in the lawn care division. Wasson Nursery wants to you to enjoy your summer outdoors worry free, so when you’re ready to ward off the pests this summer, get in touch. Our experts are ready to answer your questions!

Cover Your Ash. Defend against Emerald Ash Borer

Tens of millions of trees across 30 states are gone. You read that right… TENS OF MILLIONS. And the killer? Smaller than a penny.

The Emerald Ash Borer, indigenous to Asia, smuggled its way into the country via shipped wood pack material. These pests were first identified in Michigan in 2002 and have been wreaking havoc on Ash Trees across the country ever since.

While these beetles tend to prefer stressed trees, healthy trees are also susceptible. The Emerald Ash Borer strikes by laying eggs on the bark of your tree. When they hatch, the larvae bore into the bark and destroy the tree from the inside out.

How do I know if my trees have been affected?

If you notice a loss of leaves from the top of the tree down, or if only part of your tree is blooming, then there’s a good chance your tree has been affected. If your tree still has 67% or more of its leaves in tact, than the tree can probably be prolonged.

If the damage is more significant, you may want to consider replacing your tree.

How can Wasson Nursery help?

Have trees that have been affected? Breathe! Wasson Nursery offers an Emerald Ash Borer treatment.

From late May to Early June, we’ll come out and inject the tree with insecticide. The insecticide then circulates within the tree, taking care of the Emerald Ash Borer that may be lurking within. This treatment is good for 2 years. Cost varies depending on the size of the tree.

These treatments may prolong the life of your tree, but all Ash Trees will die out if the current trend continues. Give us a call so that we can come out and assess your trees or recommend new ones.

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What is aeration, and why do I need it?

What is aeration, and why do I need it?

It’s finally fall, and when it comes to lawn care, you’ve probably heard the “A” word thrown around A LOT.

But what is aeration? Well… We’re glad you asked.

When we come out to aerate a lawn, we bring equipment that pulls plugs of soil from your lawn. In Indiana, our clay soil tends to compact and stifle grass growth over time, so when we reduce the compaction with an aerator, we are allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

By aerating, you’ll see a stronger healthier lawn!

Fall is the best time for aeration. Why? Because you get a majority of your root growth in the fall. It’s a great time to open up the soil and let your roots expand.  Fall is also a perfect time to seed so it can be paired with aeration to improve germination.

Make aeration a part of your lawn care regimen and fall in love with your yard every year.

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Get rid of weeds. As the weather cools, take out weeds at the root.

Get rid of weeds. As the weather cools, take out weeds at the root.

The first frost has come and gone and it’s the perfect time to take care of the weeds in your yard!

Did you know that fall is the best time to kill weeds? Ask any farmer and they will tell you the same.

Most winter annuals start growing in the fall.

Now is the best time to kill them before they go to seed in the spring. Also, perennial weeds start to go dormant and begin to store nutrients in the root system.

Now is the time to spray them because the chemical will be absorbed and transferred to the roots, killing the weed. We’ve seen several customers get a fall treatment and their lawn looks great the following year!

We hope these tips will get you excited about taking care of those pesky weeds. If not, don’t worry! We can do it for you!

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