Removing Pesky Weeds

Notice weeds springing up?

With Summer in full swing, the landscape weed presence is increasing. Now is the time to control your weeds, which can help prevent future weeds from sprouting. During mid to late summer, weeds begin to set seed and store energy for winter months. Getting rid of weeds before they set seed, or worse drop their seed, will help eliminate weed regrowth in the spring. Both chemical and mechanical weed control can be done depending on where the weeds are located.

Going out and using good ol’ elbow grease to pull the weeds is an option if you are worried about using chemicals. The downside to this is that there is no guarantee that you will remove the root which is what allows the weed to regrow.

To ensure you completely stop the weed, use chemical means. If broadleaf lawn weeds are present, use a broadleaf specific herbicide such as Ortho Weed B Gon. This will only eliminate the broadleaf weeds and is safe and effective for all broadleaf weeds in the lawn. This can also be used for broadleaf weeds around perennial grasses.

Be cautious using a broadleaf herbicide around your perennial plants because it will damage them.

A non-selective herbicide is going to be the best overall option for mulched beds or beds with gravel since it will kill all weeds. Again, be cautious when spraying to not get overspray on any desirable plants. More precise spraying or using a glove and wiping herbicide on the plants can be done if heavy weed populations are present around your desirable plants.

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