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Pruning After a Freeze

  Pruning After a Freeze  Why prune after a freeze? When leaves and buds get too cold and freeze, the plant will still send nutrients to the damaged leaves and buds. The plant is still semi-supporting the damaged leaves. When they are removed, the plant can put more energy toward new growth. Pruning is also … more »

What to Plant Now to Enjoy in Spring

Its hard not to notice the change of season in the landscapes all around us. Brilliant hues of yellow, orange, red, and maroon are beginning to make their appearance all around us. As we enjoy all that fall has to offer, its also good to think about the next showy season – Spring. These are … more »

What is Dormant Pruning?

What is Dormant Pruning? Dormant Pruning is a style of pruning that allows you to greatly reduce overgrown shrubs and trees, as well as maintain plant structure to improve the plant’s longevity. This practice is commonly done to deciduous trees and shrubs  in the fall. You only want to dormant prune when the plant is … more »

What to Plant for Fall Color

The leaves are changing and that means it is time to trade out your summer annuals for autumnal tones. From flowers and berries to trees and grasses, there are numerous choices to add fall color to your space. Dwarf Fothergilla Dwarf Fothergilla is an ornamental shrub that is known for its fuzzy bottlebrush flowers. They … more »