Customize Your Fresh Fall Planters

Create a stunning Fall Pot!

As summer comes to an end and fall takes over, there’s a good chance your annual planters are starting to look a little tired.  Whether your planters are root bound, over grown, or suffering from lack of nutrients, Fall creates a great excuse to freshen up your planters.  With a wide variety of plants to make your planters last to frost, the possibilities are endless.


Start by picking your favorite thriller plant (the material that gives your planter height).  Millet, Purple Fountain Grass, tall Kale varieties, or even Corn Stalks ,depending on the size of your planter, are good options.  Plant your thriller material in the center or back of your planter depending on where the planter will be placed.


Next, pick out your filler material (the material that fills the bulk of your planter).  Mums, Cabbage, Kale, Swiss Chard, Asters, Ornamental Peppers, etc. all make great filler plants.  Get creative and mix and match your fillers to create a custom look! When planting your fillers be sure to remove some of the roots if they are creating a solid mass at the bottom of the root ball.


Once you have your thriller and filler planted, pick out your spiller plants (the material that flows over the top of the pot and trails down).  We suggest material such as Creeping Jenny, Calibrachoa, Petunias, Ivy, or Vinca.  Plant your spiller material at the edge of the pot to ensure that it doesn’t get taken over by the larger plants.

Have fun!

Want your planters to stick out from the rest?  Adding plants such as Pansies or Snapdragons into the little spaces between some of your plants will add a long lasting pop of color.  Pumpkins and Gourds are also great options to add that extra Fall touch to your containers.  Use your empty plastic pots to elevate your pumpkins above your plants or tuck them into the pockets between your plants to create a seamless look.  If pumpkins and gourds aren’t to your liking, try adding a few artificial fall leaves to the edges of your pots or a festive bow to add a little extra fall color.

Once your planting is complete remember to give it a good soaking of water.

Lacking in time or creative juices?  Stop by your nearest Wasson Nursery location and let us create your perfect fall container for you or pick up a pre-made drop in planter for an easy fall transition.

Check out our video for more information on how to plant the perfect fall pot.

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