Start your Lawn Off Right – Using Round 1 Fertilizer.

Start your lawn off right! – Using Round 1 Fertilizer.

The snow is FINALLY gone and you can go outside without freezing… but that means it’s time to start taking care of your lawn. Here at Wasson’s we recommend that you start off with Round 1 fertilizer.

Here’s why:

The first round of fertilizer is the most important because it is the jump start to thickening your grass and thick grass actually prevents weeds from growing naturally.
Crabgrass is one of the biggest nuisances of lawn care in the summer and it is far easier to stop it in the spring before it even becomes a problem. The 2nd benefit to Round 1 is that one of its ingredients contains a crabgrass preventer.

We recommend applying Round 1 fertilizer between March 15 – May 1. So don’t panic there is still time to get your lawn in tip-top shape before it’s time to break out the mower. If you don’t access to a mower or prefer someone else to do it, we also offer lawn care services and we can take care of it every step of the way.



Do not seed your lawn for 2 months after applying Round 1. Like we said, it contains a crabgrass preventer which will stop the seed from germinating; the same applies for regular grass seed.

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