Keep Your Annuals Happy and Fresh

How to Keep Your Annuals Looking Fresh – From Spring into Summer

  • Be sure you are giving them plenty of water.
    • This varies as seasonal changes occur. But as the days get hotter and the plants get larger, your annuals are going to dry out more quickly. Be sure to keep an eye on them and thoroughly soak your plants when they need water. If you have containerized plants you may need to give them water multiple times in a session if the soil has started to pull away from the container.
  • Fertilize at least 1-2 times per week. We recommend using the free fertilizer available at each Wasson Nursery location each time you water your annuals.
    • As the plants get larger, they are going to use more nutrients. You may notice that as the summer goes on, the plants start to get lighter in color. This is a good sign that they need more frequent fertilization.
  • Clean out any dead or brown plant material.
    • Be sure that you are cleaning through your annuals frequently to ensure that dead plant material is not causing an increase in fungus or disease. Removing this plant material will also allow for increased air movement creating healthier plants.
  • Trim back any long or leggy material.
    • Trailing plant material overtime tends to get leggy or creates bare spots in the base of the plant. By trimming the plant back, you will encourage new growth at the base of the plant creating a denser, fresher looking plant. This will also help the plant look good through the summer and into fall.
  • Trim back tall flowering plants to give a cleaner, more compact look.
    • Often times plants that we use for thrillers in annual combinations will begin to get very tall and wide. Prune the plants back to a more manageable size to create longevity in the plant and to create a cleaner look. Trimming the flowering thriller plants will also help ensure air flow and health of any additional plants in your annual combinations.
  • Thoroughly deadhead your flowering annuals.
    • Thoroughly deadheading the annual flowers will rejuvenate your plants and create a new flush of color.
  • Annuals are resilient, do not be afraid to prune them the create a more appealing plant!

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