What’s Missing in Your Landscape: Winter Edition – Lighting

By: Jocelyn Bonesteel

Once the coziness of Christmas is over, all the lights come down, and decorations are put away, winter landscapes can look a little bare. The holidays filled every inch of the house and yard, and now the open spots and negative space are all homeowners can see. With the dreariness of winter upon us, now is the time to see what your landscape is missing!

Winter landscapes are often difficult for homeowners to think about and plan for. Spring, summer, and even fall are easier since customers can actively shop in those seasons, and many people forget about winter interest when enthralled by summer blooms and the warmth of sunshine. However, plants with winter interest are abundant in garden centers, and landscapers are adept at using both plants and hardgoods for a cold season flourish.

A variety of plants can provide some winter interest: evergreens bring a range of color, texture, and size to winter landscapes, keeping their form and denseness throughout the season. While most maintain the same color throughout the winter, others change for a more dramatic pop of color. Most homeowners are also unaware some of their favorite deciduous plants already existing in their landscapes can offer year-round interest. Some of our favorite winter interest plants and hardscaping options include the following:

Sound & Lighting

Sound: Sound is often overlooked in landscapes as homeowners are not as savvy to the options they have. While the murmur of wildlife can be relaxing, the inconsistency and frequent chatter can be unnerving. A sound system promotes a spa-like serenity or helps pump up a party, and endless customizations means it can be perfectly tailored to any yard. Beyond stereo equipment, hardscaping features like fountains and bubblers can produce enough relaxing sound to muffle neighbors or wildlife, while still allowing for intimate conversations. Some water features can run all year round with some minor care and can drown out the loud silence of the winter months.

Landscape Lighting: Lighting a landscape is often the final missing piece that elevates a landscape at any time of year from ‘enjoyable’ to ‘can’t-leave’. Pathway lights or in-grounds illuminate walkways, accents spotlight unique features, and ambient lighting brightens up living spaces like patios, kitchens, and yards. Warm lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, while brighter whites show safe paths and potential hazards. The allure of colored Christmas lights can be matched year-round with colored bulbs, having options to flow through multiple color changes. All the varieties of lighting make a landscape inviting and appealing, particularly in the darker, winter months.


With short days, long nights, and cold temperatures, homeowners feel the winter creeping up on them. Longing for a usable and visually appealing outdoor space should not have to continue until the temperatures warm up, and looking at a current landscape to fill its holes can spark a creativity needed to thrive with less Vitamin D. Check out for some incoming spring plants, and chat with a landscape designer now to break ground soon. Once spring arrives, our garden centers and landscape team will be ready to help you build a better backyard for all four seasons!

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