Easy Care for Fall Mums

So, you went ahead and picked out your fall chrysanthemums, better known as mums. The experts at Wasson Nursery wanted to share some helpful ways to keep these colorful annuals in great shape for as long as possible.

You always want to keep in mind that even though mums are a short season crop – they are still a flower that requires sunlight to continue to bloom.

If mums are planted in the shade the blooms may be smaller and slower to open if they are not in full color when purchased. They generally will need to be watered once a day depending on temperature, sunlight, wind, and rain. In warmer fall months, mums will show you when they need water. Foliage will become a lighter green and tips and flowers will start to wilt when they are too dry.

The cooler the temperatures, the less water is needed. Mums thrive in cooler temperatures! Avoid watering mums from the top of the plant by gently watering under foliage at the base of the plant as watering from the top can promote fungus.

As mum blooms become “spent” you can remove them by simply pinching them off or using scissors if you wish. Mums will not rebloom like summer annuals. All flower buds are present on a mum at one time, but will open as the season progresses. Remember, a plant will still use energy trying to keep a “spent” flower beautiful. If you remove the dead flower more energy is directed to opening new blooms.

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