What is aeration, and why do I need it?

It’s finally fall, and when it comes to lawn care, you’ve probably heard the “A” word thrown around A LOT.

But what is aeration? Well… We’re glad you asked.

When we come out to aerate a lawn, we bring equipment that pulls plugs of soil from your lawn. In Indiana, our clay soil tends to compact and stifle grass growth over time, so when we reduce the compaction with an aerator, we are allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

By aerating, you’ll see a stronger healthier lawn!

Fall is the best time for aeration. Why? Because you get a majority of your root growth in the fall. It’s a great time to open up the soil and let your roots expand.  Fall is also a perfect time to seed so it can be paired with aeration to improve germination.

Make aeration a part of your lawn care regimen and fall in love with your yard every year.

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