Think Local, Plant Natives.

Natives… These are plants that call Indiana home and play a crucial role in our envior.

As civilization continues to branch out into our natural spaces, it becomes incredibly important to look at our own back yards as a refuge for biodiversity. Organisms from plants to insects rely and an intricate web to sustain life.

Native plants are at the heart this web and it’s vital we do our part to protect the natural environment around us.

Why are they so important?

Native Plants are equipped to live with the local climate, soil types and animals. Plants and animals that have evolved together depend upon each other for survival.

Removing a native will likely also remove insects that feed on that plant, which in turn may eradicate the bird that feeds on the that insect. The loss of a species can quickly escalate to affect and entire ecosystem.

There are some great pay-offs to planting a more biologically diverse yard. Healthy and balanced ecosystems clean our air and aid pollinators in food production. Many native plants are also resistant to regional pests and diseases.

Want to learn more about Native Plants? Come to our Natives Workshop tomorrow in Fishers to learn more!