Learn how to care for your succulents, and how to grow more at home! 

Succulents, the little plants that have gripped the heart of people everywhere for their small size and ease of care. While succulents are fairly indestructible… there are a few things you need to do to keep them alive an healthy.

So let’s talk about care…

1. Soil

Use a well-drained potting soil. A main ingredient of any potting mix for succulents will be organic matter. Peat moss, the main ingredient in most, is hard to wet and then dries out quickly.

2. Light

Succulents do best in bright indirect light. Too much light and, they may burn in the afternoon sun. Too much shade will cause them to stretch.

3. Watering

Don’t over water. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Provide fertilizer every other time you water to promote growth and plant health.

4. Cirulation

Succulents don’t like being planted in closed containers, like a terrarium with a lid. The extra moisture and humidity could increase chances for rot or disease.


Pictured is Succulent propagation

By Leaf

1. Pick off the lower leaves of your succulent
a. Gently wiggle the leaf off the stem, you want a whole leaf
2. Lay your leaves out on a counter or on top of dry soil to callous at the end
3. Once the ends have dried (may take from a few days to a week) add some water to the soil
4. After a few weeks you will start to notice little roots and baby plants sprouting from the leaves
5. Once the baby plant starts growing you can repot the plant in it’s own pot

By Stem

1. Cut the top off the plant
2. Remove a few of the lower leaves from the stem
3. Set the plant top out on a counter or dry soil to callous
4. Once a callous has formed (a few days to a week) add water to the soil and stick the stem into the soil
5. Continue to water as normal
a. Be sure to not over water
6. What do I do with the remaining plant stump?
a. Leave the plant stump alone for a few weeks and you should notice new shoots growing from the       sides of the stump

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