Beautiful summer patios get their start in February.

Although it might not feel like it… Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your 2018 landscape projects. If you’re thinking about a complete backyard overhaul, look no further!

At Wasson Nursery, we build better backyards.

When it comes to working with our sought after design services, winter THE best times to start your next project. Here’s why…

Get that patio done before your Memorial Day cookout.

While our design list is already starting to build up, if you reach out now, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy your cozy outdoor space. We typically can complete a winter project in 2-3 weeks, but if you wait until spring, you could be looking at 4-6 weeks (all depending on the size of the project).

Starting your project now will make it easier to work out revisions and gives us the time we need to make sure all of the proper permits and paperwork are in place.

We’ll start laying pavers as long as the weather is workable (we even have crews working today!).

I’m ready to get started! But what do I need?

Is 2018 your year for a dream outdoor space? Awesome! To help us get your project started on the right foot, have some pictures and ideas in mind. This will cut a lot of time during the revision process.

While we have a lot of great ideas of our own, we want to make sure your space fits your lifestyle.

What do we think will be popular in the coming years?

Modern spaces with clean and simple lines will continue to be at the forefront of design. We also expect to see an increase in the use of wood grains and outdoor living spaces (kitchens, firepits and gathering spaces).

Be on the lookout for more pavilions and for people to find ways unique and better merge man made structures and nature.

To start your outdoor living project, click the link below to get in touch! We look forward to meeting with you to design something remarkable!