Outdoor Living Trends 2019

Are you ready for a fresh new landscape in 2019? The Wasson Nursery design team is here to help you out! Read on for great tips on reliable plants, hardscape trends and more? Read on!

Focus on smaller, easier to maintain plants. 

Give the people what they want. As designers, many of our favorite plants these days happen to be plants that are more compact, less messy or grow more slowly. It’s no coincidence that the reason for this is that it’s what our customers demand. Gone are the days of planting a bush and having to trim it twice a year to keep it from becoming some frightful monstrosity. Growers and plant breeders have been tirelessly working on plants with better growth habits, color variations, disease resistance, and increased bloom period. All of these factors contribute to one of our biggest trends in landscaping – landscapes that feature more compact, easier to maintain plants.


  1. Bobo Hydrangea – stays around 3ft tall and has prolific white blooms all summer long.
  2. Spilled Wine Weigela – Burgundy leaves and bright pink flowers are a focal point of this low growing, sun-loving plant
  3. Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae and Green Gem Boxwood are two small, slow-growing evergreens.
    Catmint is one of our favorite families of perennials. Try the newer ‘Kitten Around’ for a more compact relative of the famous ‘Walker’s Low’.
  4. Royal Gem Crabapple is a very small crabapple perfect for a front door area or a specimen around a patio.


Staycation – Make your yard feel like a vacation year round

The trend continues… This trend first gained steam after the economic collapse in 2008. People starting pouring money into their backyards instead of splurging on vacations. Today we see this trend in full swing. What sort of amenities would you add to your backyard to make it feel like a vacation (aside from poolside cocktail service)? 

Here are some must haves
A Sonance Sound System. 8 perfectly arranged speakers plus an in-ground subwoofer truly sets the mood for any situation. Not to mention they have a very classy, quality appearance.

Landscape Lighting. Lighting technology getting better and better. Choose fixtures that compliment your space, the styles are endless. One of the coolest new products in this realm is the InLight patio lights. These were a show stopper at our booth at the Suburban Indy Outdoor Living show.
Great Furniture. You want to be comfortable in your staycation, right? Choose well-designed pieces of furniture that mimic the styles and durability of indoor furniture.

Outdoor kitchens. It’s more than just a place to grill. Add refrigerators, smokers, pizza ovens, and don’t forget a bar area.

BackYard Structures are Focal Points

Structures such as pergolas or pavilions have always been included in outdoor living projects. But the trend of recent projects have focused on the structures to truly be a focal point. Angled roof lines, custom shapes and sizes, bold colors and combining materials are some of the ways to make your structure stand out.

Include Private, Secluded Spaces

We use our backyards as an escape from the stresses of the day and as the perfect place to unwind. But sometimes you need to take it a step further and escape from your escape. We love incorporating smaller, more intimate seating areas, especially around a fire pit. Incorporate large plantings to help provide some privacy. 

Pavers –  Larger format and combining size and texture

Neutral color tones and larger slabs of pavers are replacing smaller, more intricate patterns. The neutral color tones and simplicity of larger pavers help to create a more modern feel as well as a more calming environment. If you want to add some interest, do so with a pop of unique texture created by smaller pavers such as Antika by Techobloc.

Neutral Color Palette

Let the plants do the talking. We’re seeing customers move to a more neutral color palette when it comes to their patio decor. Especially with planters. Off-white, beige, black, and dark gray are the colors that are winning the battle for the hearts of new customers. If you want more of a statement, choose an interesting shape or texture on the planter, but keep it neutral and let the plants do the talkin’.


There’s been a resurgence of houseplants inside the home. In fact, it’s one of the hottest interior design trends right now. And as you may or may not know, inside trends become outside trends. That’s why we’re seeing traditional houseplants being used more and more in outdoor pots. It’s new, it’s different, it’s trendy.

High-Quality Furniture

Outdoor furniture is taking cues from inside the home and getting more comfortable, better design, and lasting longer. It is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake to a fantastic outdoor living project.

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