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OBERFIELDS LLC is a value-centered business, rich in tradition, innovation, and excellence, with a strong commitment to its people, customers, and the communities in which we do business. At the heart of OBERFIELDS LLC line of products is a full array of concrete products for residential and commercial construction. We have six manufacturing plants, six direct sales and distribution yards, and a network of dealers and distributors throughout six states that provide the residential and commercial markets with a full range of concrete products. View Overfield Pavers
Since 1995, our locally made and nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties across North America. Every day, our network of trained and certified contractors and dealers helps customers to envision their creative journey and realize their outdoor dreams. We strive to improve our products by spending more than 20,000 hours in research and development every year. Perfecting new products keeps us aligned to current design trends and places Belgard on the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques and technologies. View Belgard Pavers
For the past 40 years we’ve been committed to investing in the future of landscape design. Today, we continue to lead the industry in style and technology. We’ve made this commitment because at Unilock, we feel your outdoor space should be designed to connect with your home. So, it’s no surprise more families are choosing to work with architects, designers and craftsman who recommend products from our line of unsurpassed Unilock Select pavers. When held, touched and viewed side by side, Unilock products look and feel different, and set the standard for quality. That’s why so many homeowners, contractors, landscape designers and architects across North America have trusted Unilock products over the past 40 years. View Unilock Pavers

Commonly Used Styles


If you are looking for a tumbled, vintage finish, we tend to look at Belgard products. We love Belgard’s Weston Wall, which is a style that we use often. The flexibility of Weston Stone® is unmatched. Its natural stone appearance allows for a wide range of applications and design options. This double-sided wall is the ideal choice for garden walls, pillars, outdoor kitchens and planters.


If you are looking for something old fashioned with a glossy finish, we like to look at Oberfield products. One of our most used Oberfield styles is the Monroe. This style creates straight classic lines with their traditional 4×8 inch paver. A variety of paver patterns and colors provides freedom to choose a design ranging from simple to complex. Monroe pavers in Brown and Charcoal are often used as border options.


If you are looking for original pavers, we like to look at Unilock products. One of our most used Unilock styles is the Richcliff, which is a modern yet elegant look that will add a touch of class to any landscaping project. With an average compressive strength rating of up to 4 times the strength of conventional poured concrete, Richcliff is a virtually indestructible paver that will not split, crack or fade.

Choosing a Company

All of our Outdoor Living Surface companies make a superior products, but have different styles, so how do you choose? Typically, if you are looking for a specific style we will recommend the company that fits your style the best. After understanding the style that you are looking for, we focus on three aspects when making the decision:

  1. Price
  2. Usability
  3. Beauty

If you are ready to talk about which company fits your needs best, fill out the form to come in and talk to one of our professionals. We will help you make the right decision.

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