Want a Natural Privacy Fence? Here are 5 Great Options from Wasson Experts!

Want some separation from the neighbors, but don’t want the hassle or upkeep of a run-of-the-mill fence? There are plenty of ways to create that privacy you want with some beautiful greenery! Here’s a list of 5 plants that our experts recommend to create a natural privacy fence!

1. Emerald Green Arborvitae

These hardy trees are dark green in color and stay that way all year round. Just plant them 3ft. apart for a neat hedge! Emerald greens resist the snow and ice and are among the thickest evergreens you can plant.

There are plenty of opportunities available for this adaptable tree, so pick one up in our Garden Center today to get that natural barrier you are looking for!

2. Buckthorne Fine Line

This noninvasive shrub grows in a columnar shape, and its wispy appearance will add some texture to your landscape. Dark green in color, the Buckthorne Fine Line grows to be 5-7 ft. tall but only 2ft. wide, making it ideal for those with limited space requirements.

This versatile tree will add a nice vertical accent that you’re sure to enjoy for years to come!

3. European Hornbeam Trees

Looking for privacy in tight places? The European Hornbeam Tree is for you! This tree thrives in full to partial sun and tolerates most soils conditions. These trees will get big… 40 ft. tall and 25 ft. wide kind of big.

Otherwise, this tree easy to care for and can even survive urban conditions!

4. Cypress Trees

If you want a fast-growing tree to line your yard, the Cypress is for you. They grow at a rate of 3-5 ft. a year, and they have a higher tolerance to pests and diseases than other evergreens. These trees can get to be 40-60 ft. tall and 20-25 ft. wide., which makes them perfect for blocking out the road or your neighbor’s yard!

Just put these trees in the full sunlight and well-draining soil to watch them grow. Little to no maintenance required!

5. Sky Pencil Hollies

These narrow, columnar shrubs can be used to create a traditional hedge or to create a loose border that features variety of different plants. The Sky Pencil Holly will retain its shape without pruning, but pruning might be required if you want to keep the shrub from growing too high.

This shrub can reach up to 10 ft. tall but will maintain a narrow width.

Need more help finding the perfect natural privacy screen?

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