We understand the value of having options, which is why we have 7 varieties of mulch to choose from. And speaking of options, feel free to pull up in your pickup truck or order our convenient, professional delivery service.

Picking Up: 

  • Come to any of our Garden Centers during our office hours to pick up your mulch. No need to call ahead or place an order.
  • All mulch is sold by the cubic yard (one bobcat scoop)
  • Choose from bulk mulch (loaded by our bobcat) or hand-bagged mulch (10-11 bags per cubic yard)
  • When you get here simply come into the garden center to order your mulch, and then pull out to the loading pad. Quick and simple.


  • Order online by selecting your Wasson Nursery location below (this feature is only currently available in the Muncie and Fishers area).
  • Order a delivery by stopping in or calling your local Garden Centers.
  • Deliveries should be scheduled 2-3 days in advance. Give us more time close to busy weekends.
  • Our trucks will only drive and dump on paved surfaces.
  • Please order at least 2 yards
  • We can deliver up to 20 yards in one load.

Order online today by picking your location below!


Retail Mulch Price List 2019

*** 1 yard of mulch = 10-12 bags of mulch

The Velvets

Dyed Hardwood Bark. Triple shredded, so it is extra smooth and easy to spread. Color enhanced with all-natural dye for lasting color the entire season! *Wasson Recommendation Black Velvet®- $46.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag Brown Velvet®- $46.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag

Black Velvet

Brown Velvet

Natural Bark Mulches

Shredded hardwood bark that gets its color naturally based on source material and aging process. *The coloring of bark mulches will gradually fade throughout the season.

Black Gold®: $48.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag
Triple shredded, extra fine, extra dark.

Miller Brown: $34.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Double cut for a more rugged appearance. Economically priced.

Black Gold

Miller Brown

Dyed Hardwood

Raw hardwood (not pallets) that has been finely shredded and color enhanced with all-natural dyes to hold color for at least one season.

Brown Dyed Hardwood: $37.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Red Dyed Hardwood: $37.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Black Dyed Hardwood: $37.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag

Brown Dyed

Red Dye

Black Dye

What is a Yard?

One Yard

One scoop in our Bobcat

Two Yards

One full size truck bed

13 + 6 =

Compare and Contrast

One Yard

Three Yards

Five Yards

Ten Yards