We understand the value of having options, which is why we have 7 varieties of mulch to choose from. And speaking of options, feel free to pull up in your pickup truck or order our convenient, professional delivery service.

Picking Up: 

  • Come to any of our Garden Centers during our office hours to pick up your mulch. No need to call ahead or place an order.
  • All mulch is sold by the cubic yard (one bobcat scoop)
  • Choose from bulk mulch (loaded by our bobcat) or hand-bagged mulch (10-11 bags per cubic yard)
  • When you get here simply come into the garden center to order your mulch, and then pull out to the loading pad. Quick and simple.


  • Order online by selecting your Wasson Nursery location below (this feature is only currently available in the Muncie and Fishers area).
  • Order a delivery by stopping in or calling your local Garden Centers.
  • Deliveries should be scheduled 2-3 days in advance. Give us more time close to busy weekends.
  • Our trucks will only drive and dump on paved surfaces.
  • Please order at least 2 yards
  • We can deliver up to 20 yards in one load.

Retail Mulch Price List 2017

*** 1 yard of mulch = 10-12 bags of mulch

The Velvets

Dyed Hardwood Bark. Triple shredded, so it is extra smooth and easy to spread. Color enhanced with all-natural dye for lasting color the entire season! *Wasson Recommendation Black Velvet®- $45.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag Brown Velvet®- $45.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag

Black Velvet

Brown Velvet

Natural Bark Mulches

Shredded hardwood bark that gets its color naturally based on source material and aging process. *The coloring of bark mulches will gradually fade throughout the season.

Black Gold®: $47.99 per yard | $6.99 per bag
Triple shredded, extra fine, extra dark.

Miller Brown: $32.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Double cut for a more rugged appearance. Economically priced.

Natural Choice: $36.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
A medium shredded bark mulch that is naturally dark brown in color. This mulch is not artificially dyed and therefore will fade out throughout the season.

Black Gold

Miller Brown

Natural Choice

Dyed Hardwood Chips

Raw hardwood (not pallets) that has been shredded into small, thin chips. Color enhanced with all-natural dyes to hold color for at least one season.

Brown Dyed Chips: $36.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Red Dyed Chips: $36.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag
Black Dyed Chips: $36.99 per yard | $5.99 per bag

Brown Dyed

Red Dye

Black Dye

What is a Yard?

One Yard

One scoop in our Bobcat

Two Yards

One full size truck bed

3 + 3 =

Compare and Contrast

One Yard

Three Yards

Five Yards

Ten Yards