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For over 40 years, we’ve helped create healthy, lush lawns across the states of Indiana and Ohio. With services based out of Muncie, Fishers and Union City, IN, we’re the local name you can trust to get the job done right!


Custom 6-step program including fertilizer, weed control and crabgrass prevention. We guarantee our work 110%. Other services include:

Grub Control | Insect Control | Fungicides | Lawn Renovation | Lawn Aeration | Seeding & Sodding

EARLY Spring

  • Fertilizer helps bring lawn back from winter
  • Pre-emergent herbicide prevents crabgrass
  • Weed control is used as needed

LATE Spring

  • Fertilizer promotes thickness and color
  • Pre-emergent herbicide prevents crabgrass
  • Weed control fights dandelions


  • Targeted weed control to control hard to kill weeds


  • Balanced fertilizer to prepare your lawn for summer
  • Weed control as needed

Early FAll

  • Fertilizer to help the lawn recover from summer stresses
  • Weed control as needed

LAte FAll

  • Special blend of fertilizer provides a food reserve for winter and early spring green up
Additional Services
  • Core Aeration – Reduces soil compaction and allows for root growth and nutrient uptake. Recommended as an annual service and very important for reviving weak or thin lawns.
  • Over-Seeding – A fall lawn renovation option for weak or thin lawns. Usually done in conjunction with Core Aeration.
  • Preventative Grub Control – Precisely timed pest control attacks before damage occurs.
  • Preventative Pest Spray – a three-spray application to prevent spiders, stink bugs, and other insects from entering the home.

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Why Choose Wasson’s?


High strength fertilizer provides a food reserve for winter and a jump start for spring.

Grub Control

We apply insect control measures when beetles are present, to protect them from hatching grubs.

Broadleaf Weed Control
Specialized weed control methods to control broadleaf weeds without injuring your grass and inhabitants like earthworms.
Pre-Emergent Herbicide
We fight off crabgrass before it invades to protect your lawn all year.
High-Rate Nitrogen Fertilizer

Provides a food reserve for winter and a jump start for the following spring.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We work hard to meet your expectations, you are our top priority.