Looking for Landscape Lights? Here are 3 great ways to light up the outdoors!

With 40 years in the landscape business, Wasson Nursery has learned a thing or two about outdoor lighting. Whether you live in the Union City, Muncie or Fishers area, we have the solution for you! Here are 3 great landscape lights for YOUR yard.

Pathway Lights

Light up your walkways with some LED construction pathway lights. There are many different fixture styles, so you can pick the look that fits you and your home! Wasson Nursery can come out and show you all of the options we have available to help you find the perfect solution for yard.

Hardscape Light

The hardscape light is one of our most popular lights! These are great for kitchens and walls because they fit right underneath a lip of the cap. This is a great way to get light to those little features and walls that you can’t get an accent light to.

Accent Light

Accent lights are great for drawing attention to larger landscape features. WAC Lighting even features a light that can grow with your landscape. It is one of the few landscape lights that you can take the Wattage and dim it down or brighten it up depending on your preference.

Are you ready to take your outdoor living game to the next level? Give us a call! We’d love to help you create your dream space!