Sold! Get the Best Return on Investment with Landscape Improvement Projects.

What’s the first thing you notice when you drive up to a home? Chances are, unless you’re dodging a barreling 4-legged pet, the first thing you’ll notice is the landscape.

Horticulturists, economists and industry professionals have studied the relationship between home value and the layout of inviting plants you have around your exterior. The data has it that gardening and landscaping projects tend to have a reliable, direct and positive impact on home value.

Not only does your greenery have a positive impact on your home value (unless that greenery is made primarily of weeds), but can give you the best return on investment of any other home improvement project.

How? Well, the Texas A&M University Department of Horticultural Sciences has found that every dollar invested in landscaping generates $1.09 in perceived home value. To put that into perspective, for every dollar you invest in a kitchen, you can expect roughly 92-93 cents in return.


So why is there such a big difference?

We’re glad you asked. Consumers have indicated that a fresh landscape creates an inviting space that can make you feel at home instantly. And let’s face it; pretty yards and plants just make people happy. reports that landscaping can account for almost a third of a home’s entire value… roughly 28%. Impressed yet?

A fresh landscape can turn your home into an escape from the stressors of the modern world. It provides place to unplug and enjoy nature with friends and family.


How can we help?

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