Have a Grubby lawn? Don’t sweat it, Wasson Nursery has your back.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve received several calls about grubs. These pests can feed on your root system and make a real mess of your yard, but there’s good news… Wasson Nursery can help!

How to know if you have them.

Grubs white are the larva of the Japanese beetles feed on your lawn beneath the surface, so if you have any brown spots, animals digging, or lots of birds, chances are you have grubs.

If you’ve got raccoons, skunks or birds digging up your lawn, that’s a clear sign of grubs. These animals LOVE to feat on large grubs, so that is a clear red flag that you need a treatment and fast!

Another sign would be if you can pull patches entire patches from your yard. In this instance, the grubs have eaten through your root system, and your grass has lost it’s support structure.

Have any of the symptoms? Read on.

What to do.

Grubs can destroy a lawn very quickly if not treated, so it’s time to act fast. It’s a lot cheaper to pay for grub control than it is to put in a new lawn.

Grub┬ácontrol is a granular, so apply using a spread. As soon as you’ve applied, water immediately to activate.

Treat dead patches with new seeds and you’re good to go! Want help from the pros? Our lawn care specialists would be happy to help! Just fill out the form or give us a call and we’ll be in touch soon!





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