Pumpkin Flower Planter:

  1. Pick a large pumpkin. Carve the top wide enough to fit a 4-6 inch plant. Clean out the inside of the pumpkin and let it dry.
  2. Insert the plant, leaving it in its nursery pot. It is very important that you leave the pot around the soil. (Remove plant from pumpkin to water, and let all water drain before re-planting. Try not to get any excess water in the pumpkin.)

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Pumpkin Succulent Harvest:

This fall decoration is made by glueing moss onto a pumpkin, then glueing various succulent stems onto your moss (no need to cut your pumpkin!) The succulents will begin to grow into the moss, and once your pumpkin deteriorates you can remove the moss and succulent and re-plant it in another container to keep all year round!

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Gourd Flower Planter

  1. Choose a gourd that is stable enough to stand by itself, and large enough to hold your flower vase. Carve the top wide enough to insert your flower vase, clean out the inside of the gourd and let dry.
  2. Insert the entire vase into the gourd and place your flowers inside the vase.

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