Tens of millions of trees across 30 states are gone. You read that right… TENS OF MILLIONS. And the killer? Smaller than a penny.

The Emerald Ash Borer, indigenous to Asia, smuggled its way into the country via shipped wood pack material. These pests were first identified in Michigan in 2002 and have been wreaking havoc on Ash Trees across the country ever since.

While these beetles tend to prefer stressed trees, healthy trees are also susceptible. The Emerald Ash Borer strikes by laying eggs on the bark of your tree. When they hatch, the larvae bore into the bark and destroy the tree from the inside out.

How do I know if my trees have been affected?

If you notice a loss of leaves from the top of the tree down, or if only part of your tree is blooming, then there’s a good chance your tree has been affected. If your tree still has 67% or more of its leaves in tact, than the tree can probably be prolonged.

If the damage is more significant, you may want to consider replacing your tree.

How can Wasson Nursery help?

Have trees that have been affected? Breathe! Wasson Nursery offers an Emerald Ash Borer treatment.

From late May to Early June, we’ll come out and inject the tree with insecticide. The insecticide then circulates within the tree, taking care of the Emerald Ash Borer that may be lurking within. This treatment is good for 2 years. Cost varies depending on the size of the tree.

These treatments may prolong the life of your tree, but all Ash Trees will die out if the current trend continues. Give us a call so that we can come out and assess your trees or recommend new ones.

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