Add a Splash of Fall Color to Your Porch this Season. Create a stunning Fall Pot!

Its finally starting to cool off outside and that means that Fall is in full swing! If you’re like us, you probably love a good fall pot. Getting the perfect fall look isn’t that hard, just follow these tips from the Wasson Experts. You’ll create a stunning pot in no time and hopefully have a little fun along the way!

Pick the right plants!

Fall annuals are in bloom and are a great addition to any fall pot! Pick out your favorite color of mum or pansy to add a splash of vibrancy to your pot. You can then use cabbage and kale to fill in you pot with some deep green color.

The most import component of a great fall pot is creativity so feel free to add a pumpkin or gourd to accent your plants.

How to plant in your pot

Make sure to remove the packaging pots your plants came in. If your plants are covered in roots, rip off the outside covering before planting in your soil. This makes sure that your roots can dig into your soil and truly thrive. Be sure not to plant your plants too deep into the pot.

Have fun!

Spice up your pot with a personal touch! You can add Indian Corn, Mini Bales or anything your heart desires to make your pot truly pop! Need help finding inspiration? Come talk to us! Our staff is here to help answer your questions and give pointers as you dive into the fall planting season.

Looking for a place to pick up your fall pot essentials? Check out Wasson Nursery! We’ve got the plants and the expertise you’ve known and trusted for 40 years. Happy Planting!