3 indestructible Houseplants for houseplant killers

Winter is in full swing, and if you are like the crew here at Wasson’s, you’re probably itching for the smell of fresh grass and flowers. While we’re still a few months away from Spring Fever, you can still bring some of the outdoors inside with some happy houseplants!

If the thought of dead plants in pots are the first thing you thought of, you’re not alone and the Wasson experts can help. We’ve picked 3 of our favorite indestructible houseplants to help start you on your houseplant journey! Read on to find out why we love Snake Plants, Pothos and ZZ Plants so much!  

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Snake Plant

Snake plant or Sansevieria is a member of the Lily Family, popularly goes by other common names like Mother-in-Law’s tongue (we didn’t pick it!). Sansevieria’s durability makes it an awesome option for apartment dwellers that often have limited success with houseplants due to lighting issues.

Snake plant tops our list as because it’s the most tolerant of all decorative plants to survive the most unsuitable growing conditions (that includes plant mom abuse and neglect) a plant could receive. Basically, you have to try really, really hard to kill sansevieria. This classic, yet versatile houseplant is perfect for the forgetful gardener and its considered a top air purify plant for the indoor environment!


When you want a plant that grows quick in just about any environment, pothos plants are the plant for you! Every houseplant owner can benefit from planting pothos in their home.

Wasson’s loves these guys because Pothos plants are some of the easiest plants to care for. They thrive in low to medium light and are incredibly durable. Pothos plants are also an incredibly durable plant, hang ’em, plant ’em in a pot… they’re happy either way! This plant is also a plant purification champ, so pick one up today and watch it grow!

ZZ Plant

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ZZ plant. This plant is a looker with its wide, attractive, dark green leaves. ZZ plant handles some pretty intense neglect and is drought tolerant.

ZZ plant accepts low-light conditions, so you can place it almost anywhere and the plant will be just fine. Its waxy, smooth leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms. ZZ usually grows slowly to a height and width of two to three feet so it is not a plant monster that outgrows containers quickly.