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Personal Groundskeeping

Spend more time enjoying your property and less time maintaining it with Wasson Nursery’s Personal Groundskeeping Program.

Let our experienced horticulture team give you the personal attention and benefits of having your own private groundskeeper. Work with us to create a custom plan to fit your needs. These include landscape maintenance packages, annual flower program options, and tree, shrub and lawn services.
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Personal GRoundskeeping Services

Lawn Treatments

Keep your lawn looking lush with our personalized six-step turf fertilization and weed control program. To maintain the health and wellness of your yard, our services include grub control, insect control, turf fungicides, lawn renovation, and core aeration. We have additional services available to help improve the health of your lawn, and offer free lawn analysis so treatments are customized for what your lawn needs.

Trees & Shrubs

Healthy trees and shrubs make all the difference in your yard. Our five-step insecticide, fungicide, and deep root feeding program helps promote the health and vigor of your landscape investments, giving you a beautiful, full outdoor space. Optional services are available for fruit trees and orchards and include pest-targeted treatments for Japanese Beetles, Bagworm, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Spider Mites, and Scale. Trees looking dull and weak? We offer dormant pruning to restore and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs.

Seasonal Color Program

Each season has a special color palette association. Summer is bright, vivid pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges. Fall is filled with deep burgundy, dark orange, gold, and plum. Winter is home to holiday reds and greenery. We can keep your seasonal colors fresh and up to date with our custom designed pots of annuals and decor. This optional service can be provided once a year or every season to give your yard a festive, fun burst of color, and can be performed on your property or we can create customized pots in our greenhouse to be picked up or delivered.

Leaf Clean Up

As summer turns into fall, your yard becomes a sprawling display of crunchy, drying leaves. However, if you are too busy to rake and clean up the debris, these leaves can cause damage to your grass come next spring. Bare patches and dead spots can lead to reseeding and resodding. We provide leaf removal for all landscape beds and lawn areas to ensure your yard remains healthy for many seasons to come.

Water Feature Maintenance

If you have water features, such as water gardens, bubblers, ponds or waterfalls, we can help you maintain proper operation and cleanliness by caring for surrounding plants, removing debris, and cleaning skimmer filters. Any bacteria, fertilizer, or algae control will be billed at scheduled prices. Water feature open/close includes one annual cleaning of system and moving plants for seasonal changes. Weekly pond visits occur for 30 weeks from April-November. For more details, contact us.

Additional Features

We care about ensuring your yard is taken care of in every season, so we provide a range of additional services to help you keep your lawn, plants, and outdoor spaces looking their best. Features include lawn installation and renovation, core aeration, perimeter pest control, snow and ice management, patio cleaning, exterior holiday decoration.

Build Your Plan

  • Choose your Maintenance
  • Create your Custom Seasonal Annual Flower Program
  • Choose your Tree and Shrub Maintenance
  • Review your Lawn Health and Choose your Treatments
  • Hand pick from our Additional Features
These are our traditional service visits
Routine Site Visits
We keep your yard looking fresh year-round with our Personal Groundskeeping Program services. With ongoing landscape and bed maintenance including weeding, leaf clean up, and removal of all debris. During these visits we ensure that your yard will stay healthy and beautiful.
Early Spring Visit
Get a jump start on the season with a total cleanup of landscape beds, proper pruning, weeding, and perennial plant cleanup. This visit is popular with wooded properties which are often messy from winter leaf litter.
Spring Visit
This important visit includes a total cleanup of all landscape beds, perennial plant cleanup, spade edging all beds and tree rings, applying pre-emergent weed control, and properly mulching landscape beds.
Summer Visit
We welcome the summer by getting your yard in tip-top shape. This visit consists of pruning, trimming and weeding as well as perennial and annual flower maintenance.
Fall Visit
Get ready for winter with a final touch-up of your landscape by our horticultural team. This involves pruning all plants as needed, weeding, perennial and annual flower maintenance, and leaf removal.
Holiday Visit
Let us help with the decorating this year. We bring holiday cheer to your home with fresh seasonal looks. We will work with you to bring your vision to life.
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